Gift Card Policy


  • We offer gift cards that can be purchased directly from our website.
  • Gift cards are available in set denominations of: INR 2000, 4000, 6000 or custom denominations, allowing you to decide the amount that suits your gifting needs.
  • Minimum gift card purchase is INR 2000.
  • The card is delivered electronically via email directly to the recipient or to your own email address for personal gifting.
  • Gift cards can’t be used to purchase other gift cards.


  • Gift cards are redeemable on our website only during the checkout process.
  • To redeem the card, the recipient / cardholder has to enter the unique 10-digit code at the designated field during the checkout process.
  • The value of the gift card will be applied towards the total purchase amount,
    including taxes and shipping fees.
  • Gift cards can be redeemed on all products listed, including sale items.
  • Gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • If a product is exchanged for another product or if a product is bought with a gift card, no subsequent exchanges / returns will be provided Subsequent changes means that after the product has been exchanged, the & "the exchanged product" cannot be exchanged again.


  • The gift card is valid for 6 months from the date of issue, failure to utilize within the set time validity period the brand will not issue a refund of the same nor will it renew the card once again.
  • If the order value is less than the amount (including taxes & shipping charges) of the gift card, the outstanding balance can be used for subsequent transactions.
  • If the order value exceeds the gift card value, the remaining balance must be paid using an alternative payment method available during checkout to complete the process.